Packing Tips

Moving and Packing Tips

logo.7173942_stdWe have some tips for getting your house ready for your big move!

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10) Pack items you’ll need first in a clear bin. They’ll be easily accessible when you unpack. These will be toiletries, makeup, gadgets, or phone chargers.












9) In addition to labeling boxes, mark which room they’ll go in too

moving labels










8) Pack plates vertically (like records), to help make them less likely to break

packed plates









7) Keep sandwich bags for organizing small parts of things you’ll need to reassemble after your move, such as curtain rods or mounted flat-screen TVs










6) Take a photo of your electronics so you can remember how and where the wires are hooked in









5) If you’ve invited friends to help with more fragile or small items, make sure everything is completely organized before your friends show up to help you along with your professional mover









4) Apartment dwellers: Book movers way in advance. chances are, most folks will want to get out their current space toward the end of the month









3) Change your address at least two weeks prior to moving











2) Do a last grocery trip no less than two weeks before moving










1) For shoe lovers: Store shoes in shoeboxes with printed Instagrams of the shoe (you might alright have most of the shots)



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