John G.

I used these guys this past weekend and they were great.  A friend recommended them and her family has used them several times.

They were much cheaper, almost 1/2 price of others.  This may scare you, but they are pros.   They don’t have a fancy truck with their logo all over it, but they send 3 guys and they get to work.  They used dollies for boxes and furniture dollies for heavy furniture.  I had everything packed up, but there were some items they still wrapped themselves in blankets and the saran wrap stuff.  They strapped stuff into the truck and packed it tight.

The only negative, we moved across town and they took about 30 minutes longer than I did to get to the new house.  They charge that as hourly billing time, but I can’t complain.  They really were that much cheaper.  All in all, great guys who worked hard and fast and I would definitely use them again.


John G.
You can find this review on Yelp

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