Greg LeBoeuf

We used All The Right Moves to move our 5 bedroom house and I have to say that they were awesome. The whole move took 5.5 hours! I think that is pretty good for a 5 bedroom house. They moved all the big stuff for us and my wife and I moved most of the little stuff and some of the boxes. It was a three man crew and they were prompt, very professional, and very careful. I cannot say enough good things about our move with them. This was by far the easiest and best move I have been apart of. I have used other companies in the past and they were not near as good as them. I called about 10-15 different moving companies before making my decision. I definitely got the best service from All the Right Moves. The price was not the most expensive but it wasn’t cheap either; however, you definitely get exceptional service and professionalism. I am extremely happy with my decision and the price was 100% worth it.

Description of work:

moved my house

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