hubby was there for the duration — he helps run a large business and he was very impressed with the professionalism and the care that was taken. hubby saw cody (foreman) nicely correct one of the guys when a mattress started leaning towards the ground…he said: ‘we don’t let that happen.’
one thing that i noticed and appreciated as they started for the morning — they walked up to both of us, shook our hands, and introduced themselves. the younger workers might think that is cheesy, but i thought it was huge….it gave me a connection to all of the guys that were going to be handling things that are special to us.
we would definitely hire them again.

Description of work:

we did 80% of the packing ourselves. we hired them two weeks in advance of the move to get a few things out of the house and to pack the kitchen. we also hired another person, laura, to pack/wrap the odd shaped pictures and mirrors. on moving day, ALL THE RIGHT MOVES loaded up the trucks and UNloaded them into our storage unit. we hired six movers, and everything was done in 4.5 hours!!!!!!!

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